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Prosciutto crudo is a dry-cured ham that is usually thinly sliced and served uncooked. Commonly associated with Friuli and Emilia, the most renowned and expensive legs of prosciutto come from central and northern Italy
We have two Prosciutto: Parma (a town in Emilia) and San Daniele (named after a town in Friuli, East Italy)

The prosciutto from San Daniele is sweet with a full bouquet and a lingering aftertaste. This delicacy is best shaved thin and consumed with bread or grissini, perhaps combined with a small amount of fresh soft cheese, to appreciate its sweetness.

The prosciutto from Parma is savory. It can support sautéing while retaining its distinct taste. The prosciutto from Parma is also about 20% smaller in size than prosciutto from San Daniele

How should you eat Prosciutto? Our suggestion is as simply than possible: with some bread or you can prepare a typical Italian dish, Prosciutto e Melone (Prosciutto and Melon).

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