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Delivery and Pickup avilable!

We use Door Dash for our delivery

For Curbside Pickup please call (480) 218-0225. Make your order, pay, give us an estimated time, park in the designated spot and we will bring your order to your car!

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Our Story

After years of corporate stress in Bergamo, Italy, Walter and Marti decided to make their passion for gelato into a career. They attended the Gelato University near Bologna and then apprenticed in two different gelato shops to gain experience. No franchises could satisfy their creativity and desire to bring true Italian gelato to Arizona, so they opened Gelato Dolce Vita in Mesa.

More About Us
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Our Gelato

We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality ingredients for our gelato. Our almonds come from Puglia; pistachios from Sicily; hazelnuts from Piedmont, etc. Our fruit sorbets use local, in season fruits whenever possible. Even the milk and cream we use is local.

The process of making gelato is a science. The recipes have to be balanced between fat, sugars, air, ice crystals and other solids such as proteins, nuts, cookies, etc. Get one of those ingredients wrong, and it will turn out icy, runny or with a sandy texture. In fact, we use advance technology to help us ensure that our gelato is perfectly balanced before it goes into our display.

Check Out Our Gelato
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Walter and Marti trained in Italy to become Gelato Masters!
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Italian Gelato is less fat, more flavorful than the Ice-Cream.
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Our gelato is completely handmade, no additives, no artificial flavors. Only true and healthy ingredients
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You can live a true Italian food experience at our store, only Italian Gelato and Italian Deli!

Our Deli

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We serve fresh Sandwiches with only true Italian ingredients

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Salumi are Italian cold cuts predominantly made from pork.

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Only true Italian imported cheese, including Fresh Mozzarella di Bufala coming every week from Italy.

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Visit our grocery for Oils, Italian Pasta, Italian cookies, Tomato paste and more.

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